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Golf Academy in Spain Steven PAlmer Golf Academy in Spain

Welcome to Steven Palmer Golf Academy in Spain. We specialise in the development of aspiring tour professionals, which we achieve through our potent combination of expert coaching, comprehensive support, state-of-the-art facilities and relentless attention to detail. Embarking on a journey towards competing against the best of the best on the professional tours requires a blend of talent, dedication, passion, ambition and the strongest of characters. Our coaches are ready to match these levels of commitment and also have a true understanding of what it takes to create successful Tour professionals. SPGA’s team is highly qualified and experienced in delivering a fully holistic approach to athletic excellence, providing guidance on nutrition, cognitive skill acquisition, psychology and many other critical areas where necessary.

We extend this same level of commitment to our regular golfers too! Regardless of a player’s age or ability, our ethos remains the same...”Maximum results in minimum time”. Our expert golf coaches enjoy working with and getting results from all our clients, whilst having a great time in the process! For more information about golf lessons at our golf academy in Spain, please get in touch with us at SPGA.

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Tour aspiration programs at our Golf Academy in Spain

Golf Academy in Spain Tour Aspiration Programmes

from €449 per week

Our Tour Aspiration Programmes provide total, comprehensive support for the players that need it most. With the ability to combine warm weather golf training, exceptional facilities and full assistance from our expert coaches, there is no better place to train if you truly want to become a Tour professional. Our programmes run alongside the tournament schedules of the Andalucia Golf Federation and The Gecko Tour, enabling our players to consistently compete against high quality fields.

Our SPGA American College Programme enables aspiring Tour professionals to study a US college degree whilst still benefitting from the same Tour level coaching as our full time players in their quest to become a Tour professional. The golf side of the SPGA American College Programme is carefully designed and periodised around each players academic schedule in order to maximise a player’s chances of earning a living playing on the PGA Tour or European Tour, whilst still excelling academically.

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Golf Lessons at the Steven Palmer Golf Academy in Spain


 Golf Lessons and Coaching Holidays

Whether you’re a beginner golfer looking to get your first handicap, a tour professional looking to win your first major, or you are simply searching for a golfing holiday in the sun, SPGA has you covered. Our expert coaches are on hand to deliver highly effective, enjoyable coaching to any level of golfer.

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Custom Fit Golf Clubs

The SPGA Performance Centre is fully equipped with the most popular brands and has extensive options for custom fit clubs. Alongside our top of the range fitting equipment, our expert club fitters will take you through a detailed process to decide which clubs are right for you. We use real balls and we never hit into a net. This allows you to actually compare the flight between your old and new equipment, whilst measuring everything with Trackman so, in true SPGA style, the results will show you exactly what equipment is most suited to you.

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 Custom fit clubs at our olf Academy in Spain



Our Facilities

Based at the fabulous Valle Romano Golf and Resort just outside Marbella, Spain, the Steven Palmer Golf Academy provides the best facilities to practice, train and take effective golf lessons. We believe you won’t find a better golf academy in Spain to improve your game or custom fit your clubs.

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 Steven Palmer Golf Academy in Spain


Our Team

At SPGA we aim for maximum results in minimum time, and we can only do this with specialist support and quality coaching. Steven and his team are all highly qualified, very experienced PGA Professionals. Their relentless study, qualifications and application of technique, biomechanics, fitness, nutrition and several other performance enhancing key areas, alongside a lifetime of studying skill acquisition and communication , results in ALL students enjoying clear, simple golf lessons with extremely fast progress, whilst providing a great environment to train in.

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Lauren Taylor, Golf Academy in Spain


  I love going over to SPGA to practice. It's great being able to use TrackMan whenever I need to as it's a huge benefit for me with my training plan, as is the expertise of the coaches if I ever need to discuss ideas. 

- Lauren Taylor

(Ladies European Tour)


  The facilities they have at SPGA are fantastic, it's great to be able to hit off really pure turf, use the equipment in the Performance Centre and have a quality place to train all day. 

- Christopher Sahlstrom

(European Tour, Challenge Tour)


I started doing some work with SPGA in February, specifically to improve the way my body works and increase my clubhead speed. Their clear and specific approach allowed me to understand what I needed to do, work hard with focus, and gain 10mph in driver clubhead speed within 2 weeks. 

- Robert Karlsson

(Nordic League, Multiple Gecko Tour Winner)


  I have known Steven for over 10 years and he has always passionately supported my golfing development, from a junior county player to a Ladies European Tour Professional. To this day I love practicing at the academy for the quality of the facilities and the friendly, focused, motivating atmosphere. 

- Gabriella Cowley

(Ladies European Tour)


The environment the coaches at SPGA create is something great. It's a lot of fun to train in, and their commitment and level of support is second to none. I made huge gains in clubhead speed and shortgame confidence, as well as getting highly focused on my goals and the specific technical, physical and nutritional processes to get there. 

- Cameron Raymond

(Challenge Tour, EuroPro Tour)




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If you too, would like to benefit from Tour level coaching at our golf academy in Spain, please get in touch and find out what we can do for you.

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The Perfect Climate

Anyone who has ever used the Marbella area for warm weather golf training will tell you that the microclimate of the Costa del Sol truly is amazing. This stretch of coast is sheltered by the backdrop of the Sierra Blanca mountains, which diverts weather systems away from the area, leaving SPGA the perfect location for any golf academy in Spain!



weather at our Golf Academy in Spain


weather at our Golf Academy in Spain


weather at our Golf Academy in Spain


weather at our Golf Academy in Spain


weather at our Golf Academy in Spain


weather at our Golf Academy in Spain


weather at our Golf Academy in Spain


weather at our Golf Academy in Spain


weather at our Golf Academy in Spain


weather at our Golf Academy in Spain


weather at our Golf Academy in Spain


weather at our Golf Academy in Spain


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Daylight Hours 10 11 12 13 14 15 14 14 13 12 11 10
Avg. Days
Without Rain
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