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Our Ethos

At the Steven Palmer Golf Academy in Spain, our goal is simple; to help players achieve maximum results in minimum time. To do this, no stone is left unturned when guiding players and our programmes are set up meticulously in order to achieve this.

The key to every player’s success lies within finding their own personal winning formula; from basic lifestyle choices that will enhance energy, focus and wellbeing, to the correct implementation of a training plan that will augment their skills.

Players cannot fulfill their potential if they do not know what their winning formula is. This is why we dedicate so much of our energy to this, and why no two players’ plans look alike.




 Steven Palmer at our Golf Academy in Spain

Steven Palmer

Steven Palmer is a Class AA PGA Professional, fully qualified through the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland. A lifetime of passion, determination and desire for playing and studying all elements of the game has ensured that his knowledge and experience is unmatched. Having coached and worked alongside several professionals, top amateurs and a US Open Champion, Steven has put together several successful academy programmes for expert level players that continue to deliver great results.

Steven is also a qualified Golf Psychology Coach, NASM fitness trainer, a nutrition specialist and Titleist Performance Institute certified. In addition, he is an expert in club fitting and repairs, having previously worked on optimising the equipment for a number of European Tour Professionals.

Steven is a renowned coach and all levels of golfer from beginner through to Tour Professional regularly seek his expertise. His years of practice attaining real results has earned him the reputation of a very high achieving coach, helping his players to get the absolute best from themselves.

 Melissa Nicol at our Golf Academy in Spain

Melissa Nicol

Melissa Nicol is a Professional Golfer through the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland. Having played on the Ladies European Access Tour for several years, she knows the skills, resilience and determination a player needs in order to succeed. Her passion for understanding the vast intricacies of the game combined with her caring, empathetic nature is a truly effective formula. Her technical knowledge and delivery of incisive advice exactly when players need it ensures that her students progress as fast as possible. Melissa is also a qualified Personal Trainer, enabling her to work holistically with her players and manage their golf training and practice plans.


Science & motion sports equipment at our Golf Academy in Spain

K Motion equipment at our Golf Academy in Spain

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Science & motion sports equipment at our Golf Academy in Spain

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