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Steven Palmer Golf Academy in Spain Private Coaching

Golfers young or old, beginner to professional are welcome here at our golf academy in Spain. Steven and his expert team of coaches, combined with the unparalleled facilities and coaching technology ensure that every one of our clients has the ultimate experience and is able to add real improvements to their game.

Whether you need a 30-minute quick fix or you’re looking to truly take your game to the next level, SPGA has what you need to get you there as quickly as possible.





SPGA Online

SPGA Online is an innovative, comprehensive plan that brings full holistic support to our players remotely, allowing them to take advantage of a complete training plan even when they’re away from our golf academy in Spain.

This plan is carefully put together to allow us to build, track and adjust several important areas from technical and physical to multiple areas of wellbeing and is suitable for any level of golfer.

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Custom Club Fitting and Repairs

A common misconception is that custom club fitting is only for good players. In fact, it would be more accurate to say the opposite! A great player has more ability to make minor adjustments to their swing in order to make a poorly fitted set of clubs work than an average golfer. A well fitted set of clubs not only increases your performance and level of enjoyment, it also will help you progress faster within a good coaching plan.

Another common misconception is that custom fit clubs are much more expensive. At SPGA, we order your equipment directly from the factory with your specific measurements, meaning no extra cost for making the adjustments.

The SPGA Performance Centre is fully equipped with the most popular brands and has extensive options for custom fit clubs. Alongside our top of the range fitting equipment, our expert club fitters will take you through a detailed process to decide which clubs are right for you.

We use real balls and never hit into nets. This means that you can see your ball fly, experience true results and measure everything with Trackman to confirm that you have the best equipment for you in your hands. Perhaps most importantly, we have experience fitting clubs for Tour professionals and have no bias towards any brands! With all these elements combined, there is no better place to go for custom fit golf clubs in Marbella or its surrounding areas.

Within our Performance Centre, we also have a workshop for club repairs. Whether you need your lofts and lies checked, your clubs re-gripped, an emergency re-shaft after a breakage or more complex tasks such as re-weighting or wedge grinds, the SPGA team will fix your equipment to the very highest of standards.

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Specialised Clinics

SPGA regularly runs fun and interesting clinics on different subjects of the game. Getting away from the usual perception of simply hitting balls in a line on the range, our clinics focus on key areas, from maximising distance to confidence building workshops, and everything in between.


Coaching Holidays

SPGA gives you the chance to add another dimension to your regular golfing holiday. Whether you want to pick up a few tips in between rounds, or you’re taking a golfing holiday with the sole intention of improving your game, we’ve got you covered. Find out more about coaching holidays at our golf academy in Spain, by clicking here.

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