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The most comprehensive Tour Level support from any Golf Academy in Spain

 One of my biggest aspirations as a coach was to bring Tour level support to the players who need it most. My Tour Aspiration Programmes are the result of my years of study, meticulous planning and passion for seeing players reach levels they never thought possible in such a short period of time.

Our Tour Aspiration Programmes were originally designed to solve the problems I encountered as a young aspiring Tour Professional. During my years playing mini tours, I quickly realised how big the divide was when it came to player support and availability of Tour Level coaching between the best players in the world and the pros on the mini tours.

Seeing talented players fail due to a lack of quality support and information was something I started to find increasingly hard to accept. So, after countless hours of study, acquisition of several qualifications in sporting performance, and many often painful hours of experimentation, I produced an innovative programme that really brings a Tour level support system to fit the budgets of the players that need it most. 

- Steven Palmer




All the below is included from €449 per week

  • Unlimited use of our practice facilities
  • Full performance plans covering technical, physical, nutritional, psychological and several other aspects of performance enhancement
  • No limit on time spent with SPGA coaches meaning you get what you need, when you need it
  • Unlimited use of Trackman, Force Plates, SAM PuttLab, K-Vest and our training aids
  • Use of the golf course everyday
  • On-site accommodation
  • Fully equipped gym and luxury spa
  • Airport transfers to and from the Academy and Malaga Airport

Steven Palmer Golf Academy in Spain A Great Place to Train

When arranging their own warm weather training, players often find it difficult to find accommodation, courses to play, practice facilities to use and gyms to train in. Mounting costs and a lack of local knowledge often means that players end up going over budget, then try to manage the situation by limiting the amount they play, train and practice. From not having free reign of training facilities, productivity and progress suffers.

Our players have unlimited use of all our facilities, unlimited support from our team of coaches if they need us, and the opportunity to train with other quality players at a fixed and affordable rate.

Our Approach

We have players that come to us to be immersed in comprehensive training plans, requiring us to build plans to maximise development in the areas of technique, fitness, psychology, nutrition, productivity and other areas of wellbeing to maximise progress and performance. Other players already have their teams around them and come purely to take advantage of our amazing warm weather training facilities, with our team feeding information back to their coaches. Then there are the players in between who may have a swing coach but not a fitness trainer or psychologist. We will never force our views or any methodology onto any player training with us! We are here to help each player get the most out of their time at SPGA, and will do whatever is required for each player to achieve this.




Unlimited Support

In the same way we don’t restrict the use of our facilities at our golf academy in Spain, we also don’t put a limit on the amount of assistance we provide our players. We work on a maximum 5:1 player to coach ratio, which means that each player receives all the individualised support they need. The result of this philosophy is constant clarity, efficient practice and maximum progression for every player.

Measuring and Maximising Progress

We keep all our players maximising their progress by regularly testing their training plans with performance markers relevant to their goals. For example, for a player that has to hit it further, we will regularly use Trackman to monitor clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle and spin rate among others. For a player that needs to be stronger, we will measure strength output in specific exercises for that player...and a multitude of other areas for any player’s specific goals!


In short, our team are always on hand to give each player the best chance of success, and will do whatever it takes for each individual player to get there.

Training logs and external coaches available with our golf lessons at our Golf Academy in Spain






Steven Palmer Golf Academy programs in Spain SPGA College Programme

The SPGA College Programme gives young aspiring golfers the unique chance to complete a US High School Diploma and a US College Degree right here in Europe, whilst simultaneously immersing themselves in a world class golf coaching, training and competitive environment.

We have deliberately chosen the US educational system as its structure is by far best suited to combine with elite level sport than any other. Our links with the exceptional American College in Spain allows us to support our students to the highest levels, maximising their chances of success both academically and in golf.

SPGA College students enjoy all the same support as our full time players as detailed above, with the added benefit of having their golf training plans carefully tailored to coincide with their academic responsibilities.





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